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Welcome to TeleModders, The Fender® Telecaster Lovers Modification Site, a support group for those of us who love Telecasters and love to make them our own. Leo's design was simple absolute genius´┐Żbut some of us just can't leave well enough alone and modify them to fit our needs and our personality! We're attempting to collect as many of these Tele mods as we can on this site...let us know what you've done to yours!

Fender® Telecaster.

No two words have ever fit together more comfortably in musical instrument history!

52 Tele Vintage ReissueThe Fender "solid body electric spanish guitar" first known as the Esquire in 1948, the Broadcaster in 1950, and finally, the legendary Telecaster in 1951.

The Telecaster was the first mass produced solid body guitar, originally costing only a mere $139.00!!

It was a simple construction of a simple instrument that was specifically made for the modern guitarist and it was AFFORDABLE! This affordability is what made the Telecaster so easy to customize. At first it was as simple as a custom color (such as copper, black or red ) and then grew to accommodate whatever the player wanted or needed.

Some of these modifications were done by Fender, but many were done by the owners themselves such as rewiring the control panel to get what has become the classic Tele Sound of the neck/bridge pickup combination or later,adding a Humbucker in the neck position.

Regardless of what you want to do, the Fender Telecaster is the guitar to do it to!


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