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Tips & Tricks

Quick tips for beginner TeleModders wanting to build their own monster!

  1. Let's start with the most essential parts of a Telecaster – a body and neck. There are a ton of body and neck manufacturers but a great place to start is Warmoth. For a list of a bunch of reasons why Warmoth is a TeleModders best friend check, just check out out the Profiles & Modifications section!

    Give a peek and pick out a body and neck that look good and sound like they'll feel good to you.
  2. Now let's move on to the hardware for your Telecaster…

    The hardware you choose depends on which direction you're wantingto go. With companies like All Parts (, Stew Mac ( ) , Warmoth (, Gregg Rogers ( and Turnstyle Switch (, you should be able to find anything your imagination can dig up. The basic hardware you're going to need for a Tele style project is a bridge plate, saddles, a control plate, knobs, pickguard, tuners, neck plate, jack & jack cup, string tree, and strap buttons. Most hardware usually comes with the appropriate screws, otherwise, make sure you have those parts available.
  3. Now for the electronics…switches and tone and volume pots can be found at any of the places mentioned above as well as any capacitors of your choice. Some of these parts can also be found at any Radio Shack or electronics store.
  4. Pickups…obviously this is where you're going to find the most options but to us TeleModders, this is most of the fun!

Literally any combination you can imagine can be done – take a look at Steve Morse' number one Telecaster, it's an array of single coils and humbuckers! Also check out our very own TeleModders profiles for some fine examples of pickup insanity. There are a PLETHERA of pickup manufacturers out there, take your time and you'll find something that speaks to you. Type "telecaster style pickups" in a search engine and be prepared to spend an evening staring at the computer! Trust us, it's fun! 

With all this stuff, a little elbow grease, and a lot of love you can build your dream guitar. Some of us like to say that the best custom shop is in your own garage…Enjoy this process and please visit our discussion page to let us know how it's all coming together.

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